Aaron Rodgers and the Packers came to Atlanta

All quarterbacks, especially the great ones, go through crises in confidence. As with Young, we usually learn about them much later, after their playing days are over and their legacy is secure. Ryan has always said the right things publicly, even when he was taking bullets for teammates — especially when he was taking bullets for teammates. On the play that probably haunts him more than any other — the incomplete pass at the goal line that lost the 2013 NFC Championship Game — his primary option ran the wrong route, crippling it from the start. Ryan dutifully accepted responsibility for it, a little over-accountability, as Walsh would say. But players later told me that Ryan made the correct read.

In that pivotal meeting years ago, Walsh told Young that no matter what he is conditioned to believe, it takes 11 guys to succeed. The quarterback is the most important piece, but not the only one. Nobody wants to admit it, especially when the greats routinely transcend dire circumstances, but it’s true.

“We’re trying to cut through the filters,” Vincent said.

Who is on the committee?
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Limited Alexander Mogilny Jersey The process is managed by Vincent’s office and includes a representative of the league’s two scouting combines — National Football Scouting and BLESTO — as well as one evaluator from each of the league’s 32 teams. The profile of the team rep varies per club, but Vincent characterized all of them as “decision-makers.”

How many players apply for an evaluation?

The range since 2010 has been between 149 and 214 players every draft season, according to league data. If on a rare occasion there are more than five interested players from a single school, the college coach decides whose applications to send.

What attributes are the players evaluated on?

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