Kareem Hunt to begin season as Chiefs’ featured back

Chiefs fans and Spencer Ware fantasy owners shook their heads in disbelief Friday night when the starting running back went down with an injury.

With Ware likely out for the start of the regular season, the Chiefs will have to find a new plan of attack at running back.

Hunt rushed for 39 yards off of nine carries in a 26-13 loss to the Seahawks Friday night. He was unable to haul in his only receiving target, but Hunt could be a threat in the passing game as well as on the ground.

There was some rumbling before the preseason that Hunt could earn the starting job even over Ware. That always seemed like a long shot, but Hunt could run away with the job — no pun intended — with a strong start to the season.

“We are here ’cause we believe Colin Kaepernick deserves a job,” said Symone Sanders, former national press secretary for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and co-host of the rally. “We also believe that the National Football League has been complicit in the ostracization of Colin Kaepernick. And today, it’s time for the NFL to take a stand.”

Many people from all backgrounds turned out for the rally, including actress Susan Sarandon, veterans and grandmothers.

The NAACP also requested a meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about Kaepernick being out of a job. Despite the criticisms, Goodell has said the NFL was not blackballing the former San Francisco quarterback.seahawks_010

Celebrate World Emoji Day with this artist’s incredible emoji portraits

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It’s World Emoji Day, a totally made-up holiday honoring the small pictures we send over text to let people know that we are, in fact, smiling as we send messages.

But in case you ever thought our emoji usage didn’t go far enough, Los Angeles-based artist, rapper, and video director Yung Jake has you covered. Over the past year, he’s been creating amazing emoji-based portraits of celebrities, including Blake Griffin.

A.J. Klein Jersey A 10-foot tall version of that piece, commissioned by the Los Angeles Clippers, is on display at the Staples Center, behind Section 301. It’s a cool collision between the worlds of sports and art, but it isn’t the only emoji art Yung Jake has done. He’s also created portraits of celebrities like Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Harambe … and they’re all incredible.

Still, minutes after we thought Hayward was headed to the Celtics — after multiple signs pointed to that being his decision — we are once again not sure what’s actually happening. And it has left everyone on Twitter open for jokes. Even Hassan Whiteside, star player for the Miami Heat, the third team that met with Hayward during this free agency period.

Still, this is only what we know from a salary cap perspective, and the Spurs have been fleecing the rest of the league for more than two decades. It’s safe to assume that they have a totally reasonable plan for why they did this. Maybe it’s a show of faith or gesture of good will, showing they’ll do Simmons a favor (that’s debatable) while hoping to talk him down to their price.

Jazz player Joe Ingles gives the gift of sight to a young fan who is blind

Landon Carter is seven years old, a huge Utah Jazz fan, and legally blind. But with the help of new technology and Jazz guard Joe Ingles, he can now watch his favorite team play, according to KUTV.

Hmm … so what was James doing in the crowd? Was he simply scouting out the competition, seeing how new talent (*cough* Lonzo Ball) plays? Or was it something deeper — something like The King looking for a new kingdom?

Hey man, LeBron, I like to win. I know you like to win. I think our games could help each other out a lot and anytime you want the ball, just let me know. It’s gon’ be there, Ball said in a SportsCenter interview last month.

Of course, the other possible answer is that James was just looking for something to do so he didn’t have to go to the ESPYs, where he won NBA Player of the Year the same night. We’ve all been there — you have some boring, stuffy obligation and are looking for anything to do instead. And if that means watching Ball put up over 30 points, then so be it.

But whatever prompted James to show up for the game, he clearly couldn’t stay the whole time — The King dipped early, rocking a tie-dye T-shirt and a hat with a pink crown on it.
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Limited Kids Jakob Chychrun Jersey It’s not just the waiting that hurts. It’s the fact that in chasing restricted free agents, teams have to clear cap space first without knowing if they’ll get to keep the player they are chasing. You can’t extend an offer sheet without the space or salary cap exception to absorb it.

It would have been enough for Seventh Inning Fetch to end with Air Bud and Andrea winning the state championship game.

I’m pretty sure dogs aren’t supposed to hit balls that well with their mouths, but just like it says on the town sign that pops up at the start of every Air Bud movie, everything is possible.

It would have been enough for Seventh Inning Fetch to end with Air Bud and Andrea winning the state championship game. But no, they had to go further and take him to the World Series.
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When the ball deflected away from Shevin Wiggins, the student section surged to rush the field, assuming victory. My seats were in the 14th row, and at one point I had my foot on the wall at the front of the stands. Attacking from the hill on the north side of the stadium, a dorm mate of mine was the first one to reach the goal posts and climb on. And while trying not to fall over and get trampled, I saw the ref’s hands signal touchdown.

The ending was a nightmare, but … what a game. Nebraska was incredible, and Mizzou, a four-touchdown underdog, was going toe-to-toe. The touchdown the Tigers scored in the fourth quarter resulted in probably one of the two or three best crowd pops I’ve ever heard. We’ll just say the game was called after 59 minutes and 50 seconds.

I don’t remember much from the video but I do think it was mostly a bunch of people in the Lakers organization saying Thank you, Shaq. There might have been a cute kid or two in there. It was emotional and I felt the crowd at Staples Center feel the same way.
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Anyway, at some point in the game I spilled my soda on a person in front of me. He was probably mad that a dumb teenager just ruined a good blue sweater that looked to be his Christmas gift. We both got over it and focused on the game, which was great since the game was close throughout most of it.

David Quessenberry returned to play for Texans after 3-year battle with cancer

It was just the first preseason game for the Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers, but for one player it was the culmination of a long journey to return to football. For three seasons offensive lineman David Quessenberry sat out while fighting Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and Thursday was the first time he suited up again for a game.

Quessenberry, 26, hadn’t been on the field since the preseason finale of the 2013 season. He broke his foot in a practice just a couple weeks later and spent the remainder of his rookie season on injured reserve.

But it was his cancer diagnosis in June 2014 that turned his life into a three-year battle. Quessenberry went in and out of chemotherapy treatments before he finished his final treatment in April 2017.

“The way he’s being railroaded for speaking the obvious truth, this is not what America was founded on. Some may argue that what he’s doing is more American, because this country was actually founded on challenging injustice. As members of law enforcement, we can confirm that the issues that he is saying exist in policing and throughout the criminal justice system.”
And so did Williams:

“All of the people behind me risk their lives, so to speak, to protect folks, and they are standing with Kaepernick, because they understand how important it is to push back on the structure.”

It’s become clear that with his protest, Kaepernick has started a movement, inspiring other athletes to join in protest, in spite of the vitriol that gets thrown at them. And it’s still going on a year later, with other NFL players like Marshawn Lynch, Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, Michael Bennett and Martellus Bennett, and Justin Britt taking their own stand. Now Kaepernick and, by extension, everyone who’s been inspired by him, have 100 law enforcement members supporting them.redskins_014_2382afc8da80c68e-180x180

Hurricanes equipment manager makes NHL debut as emergency backup goalie

The Carolina Hurricanes may have fallen to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday, but Jorge Alves left the ice a true winner.

The Hurricanes’ 37-year-old equipment manager fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming an NHL player by signing a professional tryout contract to serve as the team’s backup goaltender on New Year’s Eve.
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Marchand is back to his dirty tricks just two months after he was fined $10,000, the league maximum, for a dangerous trip on Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall. Marchand has avoided severe NHL discipline thus far in his career, but after seven run-ins with the league office (counting the one that’s sure to come this week) and countless other close calls, enough is enough. The league needs to send a serious message to one of its most frequent offenders.
Shawn Thornton Youth Jersey
The NHL’s Department of Player Safety needs to let Marchand know he can’t be a frequent predator in this era of hockey. He needs to be suspended for more than Bruins’ final two regular- season games. He should at least have to miss a playoff game, too.

From a team standpoint, this is the absolute worst time for Marchand to channel his dark side. The Bruins clinched a playoff berth Tuesday with a 4-0 win over the Lightning, but as things look right now the top-seeded Capitals are awaiting them in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Bruins will have a tough enough time trying to beat the league’s top team, but possibly losing its leading scorer for any part of that series could be highly detrimental.

That’s the type of punishment Marchand needs.

This is what I look like when I shoot free throws.

There is a whole genre like this one: Athlete Who Was Clearly Training For Something Else His Whole Life, Like, We’re Talking His Whole Life. And that’s fine. Carl Lewis could still beat me in a foot race, and I’m just some derelict who hasn’t even been invited to throw out a first pitch. Besides, it was a quick pitch, some quick laughs, and then it was over. It’s not like he had to sit out there for several minutes like he was singing an awful national anthem.

I do love this genre, though. This is what I look like when I shoot free throws. I was always younger than my peers, and I was short to begin with, so I was extra extra extra short for most of my schooling. When I showed up to my 10-year reunion at 5’8”, at least eight people stopped me and said some variation of, “Oh my god, you’re normal now!” With all that in mind, there was never a concerted effort to push me toward basketball. Never played it growing up. Never had the urge.

But I can throw a baseball a helluva lot better than John Wall, who didn’t have a lot of reasons to play baseball. And I don’t fault him for this at all.

Except, the truth is that Stanton was pretty thoughtful on the matter:

He admitted he’s “at a crossroads” in an internal debate over what to think about all this. If PED users like Bonds, McGwire and Sosa need an asterisk by their name, he said, so does Babe Ruth since he only faced white pitchers.

And that’s the right approach. Use the context to explore the nuances. Don’t use the Yogi Berra Jerseys
asterisk as a shuriken and declare that parts of baseball history don’t exist. Because I’ve been down that Lorenzo Taliaferro Jerseys
road before. Look, I even reached out to the internet:

Group supplying referees to Vegas tourney cuts ties with Adidas over LaVar Ball comments

After Adidas caved into LaVar Ball’s demands and pulled a female referee from a game after she gave Ball a technical foul, the group that supplies referees for the Las Vegas tournament is done with the shoe company.

The National Basketball Referees Association was also critical of Adidas and its decision to kowtow to Ball.

Green Bay lost three straight November games last season as part of a four-game slide before Rodgers ordered up “running the table.” The divisional games against the Lions and Bears will be critical before a pair of bruising games against AFC North contenders Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The “Sunday Night Football” matchup against the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger could shape up to be one of the most entertaining games of the year, like the 37-36 thriller the teams played at Heinz Field in 2009.

The home game against the Buccaneers is a trap game wedged between the three AFC North matchups, and the season ends just like it did in 2016. The midpoint of the month features another showdown with Cam Newton; the Pack’s last two games at Carolina were shootouts. Then it’s dижjид vu. Green Bay plays the Vikings at home before a road trip to Detroit, which could be flexed depending on the circumstances. That worked out fine last year.

That threshold depends on those first two games. We’re assuming at least a split, but there’s that chance Green Bay could get off to a slow start given all those NFC playoff-caliber teams on the front end. November is critical, and the Packers can’t have a four-game losing streak this time around. Rodgers is 53-14 at home as a starter, but five of those losses have come in the past two seasons. Green Bay needs to bank on that home dominance a little more in 2017, but the path to the NFC North title still runs through Green Bay. dolphins_119

Angels reliever Bud Norris was hammered as the Blue Jays completed an epic comeback.

Mens Larry Allen Jersey Astros starter Lance McCullers walked four and gave up five runs on eight hits over five innings in a 13-1 loss to the Tigers. Even worse was reliever Tony Sipp, who was tagged for five runs on three hits and two walks in just a third of an inning.

Mens Jason Garrison Jersey Angels reliever Bud Norris was hammered as the Blue Jays completed an epic comeback. Norris recorded just one out, but gave four runs off four hits and a walk in the 11-10 loss. It was the second time in three outings that Norris, whose ERA is now 3.89, gave up four runs in less than an inning of work.

A’s rookie third baseman Matt Chapman went into the dugout to snare a foul ball in the 10th inning of Oakland’s eventual 12-inning win over the Twins.

Slugger Jeff Bagwell spent all 15 years of his career with the Houston Astros. However, it was after a regrettable trade for the Boston Red Sox when Bagwell began his Hall of Fame career with Houston.

In 1990, the Red Sox traded Bagwell, a minor leaguer in the Sox’s system, to the Astros for Larry Andersen, a 37-year-old pitcher. Andersen was meant to help the Red Sox with a playoff run that ended in a sweep by the Oakland A’s in the ALCS. The next season, Bagwell won NL Rookie of the Year with 15 home runs and 82 RBIs. Even worse for Boston, Bagwell was a Connecticut native and grew up a Red Sox fan.

Bagwell continued to power the Astros into the playoffs in subsequent years. He captured NL MVP in 1994 and recorded at least 30 homers, 100 runs scored and 100 RBIs every season from 1996 to 2001. He is just one of six players to hit all three marks for six straight years (Alex Rodriguez, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Babe Ruth and Albert Pujols). Bagwell is also one of just 11 players in MLB history with at least 440 homers and 200 steals.

Nationals’ Max Scherzer to see chiropractor before next start

Max Scherzer is optimistic an adjustment will alleviate his injury.

The Nationals ace on Wednesday revealed he will consult with a chiropractor about his neck spasms before taking his next turn in the team’s rotation.

Scherzer slugged his first career home run on Tuesday in the top of the second inning against the Marlins before exiting the game in the bottom of the same inning because of neck soreness. He took himself out of the game as a precaution due to neck spasms suffered after sleeping funny on the area.

I definitely went to Target to get a nice pillow, Scherzer said, via the Washington Post. So I’ll be traveling with that.

Game Mens Adam Thielen Jersey Scherzer, 33, had a 12-5 record and a 2.23 ERA in 21 starts entering Tuesday’s game. He also led the league with 145 1/3 innings pitched.

Thames sympathizes with other former KBO players who are now in the majors, but not having the same success he’s had. One of them is Jae-Gyun Hwang, who has been back and forth between the Triple-A Sacramento River Cats and the Giants this season.

Hwang showed a lot of commitment and passion to get stateside for a shot to play in MLB. Like Son, he was posted after the 2015 season by the Lotte Giants but failed to draw a bid. After the 2016 season, as a free agent, Hwang held an open showcase and signed a split contract with the Giants while rejecting lucrative offers from the KBO teams. His Triple-A showing earned Hwang a promotion to MLB in late June, but he has hit only .154/.228/.231 in 18 games. Thames feels that if the Giants give more looks to Hwang, he will eventually reward the organization.

Game Mens Mike Evans Jersey I feel like if he got an enough amount of at-bats, he’d be a great player, Thames said. Even seeing him back (with the) Lotte Giants, I knew that he had the ability to play in MLB.