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Lawrence Timmons signs 2-year deal with Dolphins

Lawrence Timmons is joining the Miami Dolphins. The 10-year veteran signed with the team Friday, inking a two-year, $12 million deal that will put him in a new uniform for the first time after a decade with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The two men watched the game together, and Rob couldn’t stop smiling. At intermission they ate chicken tenders, and by the end of the game, Rob told Jimmy that he “made his life.”

Mains spoke to about the game and what he did:

“My parents always taught me to treat everyone how you wanted to be treated,” said Mains, a newly minted police officer in Rankin, Pa. with one month on the job and a former volunteer firefighter. “And if you have the opportunity to help someone, you do it. Just because someone is out on the street, doesn’t make you any better than them.”
After the game, all Rob wanted to know was how he could repay this act of kindness. Jimmy’s reply: “Pay it forward.”

This is simply one of the best stories of the year, sports or not. To have a guy like Tyrann Mathieu who can invert, play in the slot, play in the nickel for you, the more flexibility you have, the more you can do. Those guys have become so valuable, because this game has become a matchup situation.”

A minute into the second, it happened. Nowitzki, isolated on the right baseline, rises up over Larry Nance Jr. for his trademarked fadeaway jumper. The ball falls through the basket beautifully, just like the 29,998 points that had come before them.

Play doesn’t stop right away, and Cuban’s frantic call for a timeout on the sidelines is ignored, so Dirk keeps playing. The ball finds him again, and he steps into a three-pointer. Of course it goes in. Only then is the timeout called, and his teammates mob him.5

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Brandin Cooks may get traded to the Titans or Eagles and shake up the 2017 NFL draft

Brandin Cooks is frustrated with his role in the New Orleans Saints offense and that discontent has sparked some trade rumors. Any deal involving the wide receiver could be significant enough to shake up the first round of the 2017 NFL draft.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the Tennessee Titans are favored to land Cooks, but the Philadelphia Eagles are also in the running. Alex Marvez of Sirius XM lists the Eagles as the favorite, and says a second-round pick could be enough to make the deal happen.

Unsurprisingly, given the nature of Dave Dombrowski, the first instinct when this news broke was to wonder what the Red Sox front office would do in response. Sure enough, some wondered if it would go hard after Jose Quintana. While he’d surely help the roster, it’s not necessary to go to such lengths. In Chris Sale, Rick Porcello, Steven Wright, Drew Pomeranz, and Eduardo Rodriguez, the Red Sox have a solid top five even without Price. Hell, everyone but Rodriguez and Porcello were All-Stars last year, and Porcello was, of course, the Cy Young.

The depth beyond those five is a different story, but that’s true of every team. Henry Owens, Brian Johnson, Roenis Elias, Hector Velazquez, and Kyle Kendrick could all be next in line, and none of them inspires confidence. However, there is some upside there — particularly with Owens and Velazquez — that a lot of teams don’t possess. Plus, there are still some names available in free agency. The Red Sox will wait to hear what exactly is wrong with Price before making any decisions, but even if they hear the worst, they don’t need to overreact.

The league has announced its new rules for the upcoming season. Don’t worry. For the most part they are practical adjustments.

I don’t know how to describe this in any way besides simply telling you Luis Guillorme is a ninja.

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Petco Park is completely flooded and the photos are wild

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Bailiff’s career has been defined as much as anything by strong hires. Indeed, he gave well-regarded young coaches early-career breaks. And you could say he’s staking his latest turnaround on another couple of young guys.

Billy Lynch has been around for a while now. He’s entering his seventh season at Rice and his fourth as at least co-coordinator. The Ball State grad was able to figure out a decent path in 2016 — the Owls’ offense only improved from 102nd to 97th in Off. S&P+, but it did improve by quite a bit later in the season.

The Lynch offense was a pretty familiar one for Rice; it had a high tempo and created a decent number of solo tackles (indicating spread-out defenses), though the Owls did run a bit more than they previously have. Quarterback Tyler Stehling had his moments of mobility; not including sacks, he rushed about six to seven times per game at about six yards per carry. QBs rushed more times in 2016 than in 2015, when Driphus Jackson was behind center.

Still, Rice went from rushing 68 percent of the time on standard downs (20th in FBS) to 58 percent (80th); the Owls also ran more on passing downs than they did the year before, a product of some combination of Stehling’s scrambling and an attempt at unpredictability.

The San Diego Padres¡¯ stadium is looking a little different.
Jordan Hill Game Jersey
A series of events in San Diego led to Petco Park being completely underwater late on Monday night. A storm in Southern California, paired with drainage that couldn¡¯t keep up with the rain, turned the field into baseball¡¯s best duck pond.

Normally drainage systems can handle this amount of water, but the situation was exacerbated by a lack of turf on the field. Grass had been removed to accommodate a monster truck event on Feb. 18, and crews were in the process of re-sodding the field when the rain poured down.

The Eagles’ offense is overrated in the sense that Chip Kelly’s baby is often hyped at the expense of the team’s other two units

And that’s not to say it is bad. It certainly had an awful outing against the 49ers, but units should be forgiven for the rare meltdown, especially on the road against a tough opponent.

The Eagles’ offense is overrated in the sense that Chip Kelly’s baby is often hyped at the expense of the team’s other two units. The Eagles’ special teams have been outstanding this season. Darren Sproles and Chris Polk have been spectacular additions to the return game, and the Eagles were seemingly a threat to block every punt and kick the 49ers made on Sunday (nevermind the one they did). The Eagles’ defense was terrific until it got gassed after being on the field so long — the 49ers won the time of possession battle 42:17 to 17:43.

With just a mediocre performance on offense, the Eagles might have won this game.

Joique Bell, Detroit Lions (concussion)
Elite Youth Tommy Wingels Jersey
Elite Womens Marshawn Lynch Jersey Bottom line for the Bears is that their offense has been strong and their defense has been better than expected, but they’re in for a dogfight in a tough NFC North division.

Even the Vikings, who after three weeks looked like afterthoughts, found new life this week with a quarterback change. Teddy Bridgewater got his first NFL start and led the Vikings to big win over Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Bridgewater threw for 319 yards on 19-of-30 passing and added 27 yards and a touchdown rushing the football.

Bridgewater’s presence also seemed to spark the Vikings’ run game, and Minnesota ran roughshod over Atlanta, to the tune of 241 yards and four touchdowns on 44 attempts. Bridgewater hurt his ankle late in the game but X-rays were negative. If he can return quickly and continue to make that Vikings offense more dynamic, Minnesota is yet another contender in the wide-open NFC North.

Eleven teams get compensatory third-round picks

Half the teams in the league ended up with extra draft picks Friday, with 11 teams getting an extra third-rounder.

The league announced compensatory choices, which are awarded to teams for net free agent losses the year before.

The highest pick, the 97th overall, went to the Dolphins, who were picked over last March, with defensive end Olivier Vernon and Lamar Miller among their losses.

The Bengals, Browns, Broncos, and Chiefs each got four extra picks.

A total of 32 choices were handed out, with 16 teams receiving at least one. Unlike previous years, comp picks can be traded this year, which should spice up the second and third days of the draft. Here’s a look at the picks awarded:

Before Super Bowl XLVI, Belichick gave his team a 30-minute break in the middle of practice in order to simulate the halftime show.

“It really gets into a whole restarting mentality,” Belichick said at the time. “It’s not like taking a break and coming out in the second half. It’s like starting the game all over again. It’s like playing a game, stopping, and then playing a second game. It’s like a double-header in baseball, if you will.”

The reason for the Falcons’ 34-28 overtime loss likely has nothing to do with the halftime show and has way more to do with the fact that their defense was gassed after being on the field for 93 plays (the Patriots defense was only on the field for 46 plays).

Oh, and the Falcons probably should’ve run the ball on every play in the second half.