The MMQB’s Albert Breer described the pending contract between Clowney and the Texans as a “mega-extension.”

“[I like his] height, weight, [and] speed,” Gaine said of Clowney, not Albert Breer. “The production, the performance, the pass-rush ability. The guy’s a disruptive player. He plays the run well. So we’re doing our best to fortify our nucleus of players, and we’d like him to be a part of it.”

Second base
Cesar Hernandez (B), 31 percent, Philadelphia Phillies at Tampa Bay Rays: This is a bullpen game for the Rays in which they’ll trot out several relievers, as they’ve been doing and plan on doing every fifth game. In such instances, deploying a switch-hitter — especially one batting leadoff — is a strong tactical ploy. That said, the Phillies have a few moving parts in the infield, so make sure Hernandez is in the lineup.

Third base
Colin Moran (L), 25 percent, Pittsburgh Pirates at Miami Marlins (RHP Jose Urena): Moran has been in a strict platoon, posting a .890 OPS facing right-handers. With a 13 percent walk rate and 15 percent contact rate, he’s in good shape against a pitcher who usually allows plenty of baserunners.

Another suspension: Carolina Panthers tight end Kent Taylor also was suspended for the first four games of the 2018 regular season for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substances policy. Taylor, who saw time on Carolina’s practice squad last season, is eligible to return to the Panthers’ active roster on Oct. 8 following the team’s Oct. 7 game against the New York Giants.

April 20 means different things to different people. Some people enjoy smoking marijuana, and to those folks, 4/20 is a celebration of that pastime. For NFL players, April 20 marks the day when the NFL opens drug testing for the new league year.

The league is strict about the testing protocols, even in the offseason. Once a player receives notice that they have to submit to a drug test, they have four hours to comply. This timetable isn’t flexible, even if a player is on vacation outside of the United States.

There are specific standards for each part of the process. If a sample is diluted, it’s treated the same as a positive test. If a player misses a drug test, the league views it the same way as testing positive. steelers_102